Recent Activities


Chaplain Kevin of Serve Ministries, Inc., and an active duty Coast Guard member, presided over the Baptism of the Bannon family. The Baptism was performed in the Naval tradition, using the ship's bell. The names of the Bannon family members who were baptized will be engraved in the bell, solidifying their connection to the ship and serving as a witness to all who sail on the Coast Guard Cutter. Family, unit members, and friends were all there to participate in the ceremony.

Two of Serve Ministries, Inc.'s leadership members, Michael Belton, President/Lead Minister, and William Kizziar, Vice President, attended Pointman Leadership Institute's (PLI) Ethics Training Seminar on April 26 through 29, 2023. During this PLI training week, two courses were taught: Ethics Training Seminar and the Train-the-Trainer Course. Both of which Michael Belton and William Kizziar are now credited with having graduated. Congratulations to both gentlemen for their dedication and persistence, to better themselves, and to bring greater capabilities and information back to share with Serve Ministries, Inc.'s members.


Serve Ministries, Inc.'s very own Doug Stauffer, Director of Police Chaplains, and John Newby, Production & Media Director, got the chance to meet up in person. As Doug Stauffer said, "Well, God is good. Crossed paths with this little guy today at founders day at Rocky Bayou Christian School." Doug Stauffer is pictured on the left and John "Little Guy" Newby is pictured on the right.


Serve Ministries, Inc. would like to congratulate and recognize Mr. Bob Edwards, Jr.
Bob has been a chaplain with SMI since 2021 and a graduate of the 21-1 Class of Chaplains, was presented a Certificate of Appreciation by Assistant Warden of Programs, Ms. Michelle Witalec. Bob was lauded for his work as a volunteer chaplain at North West Florida Reception Center, where he works with the Faith Based and Character Dormitory. At this institution, Bob ministers to inmates, including military veterans and corrections officers. Bob has been named the Volunteer of the Year for the past two years in a row, attesting to his heartfelt desire to serve the Lord in this capacity.


Serve Ministries, Inc. would like to congratulate and recognize our Chief of Chaplains, Mr. Steven Walsh
Congratulations to Chaplain Walsh for being recognized as Okaloosa Correctional Institution's Volunteer of the Year!


Serve Ministries, Inc. would like to congratulate and recognize our Chief of Chaplains, Mr. Steven Walsh
Hallelujah! Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! Praise and thanks be to our Lord Jesus Christ.
Serve Ministries, Inc. is delighted to announce that after going through all the due process, Chaplain Steven Walsh was ordained as a Minister. Steven acknowledged the Lord’s call in his life in a Holy and humbling experience. The ordination ceremony was conducted on March 10, 2023, at 6 pm in Navarre, Florida, at the United Methodist Church. As SMI's Lead Chaplain, Mike Belton, presided, Pastor Alan McBride participated with Steven's wife, Nica Walsh, who were invited to lay hands on Steven.

Glory to God!